Menswear Inspired

When think people think of menswear inspired fashion, they probably envision sleek pant suits tailored for women’s bodies.

Whenever I wear something that is decidely un-menswear, I think to myself, “Argh! Why can’t this be more like a guy’s clothes.” I am thinking this when I fumble with hooks that even the savviest surgical fingers struggle with, or when the inconvenient side zip inevitably has a deleterious effect on my spare tire, or when I give myself whiplash trying to zip a back zipper, or when I have shirt collars that curl up no matter how well ironed or starched (nope, I’ve never seen lady collar stays).

Some of these things I have done away with (no more side zips in my wardrobe, typically stick with layering shirts instead of button downs) and some I tolerate because it just works so much better (front zip dresses should just not exist in my opinion). But nothing frustrates me more than having to lug around my bag all day just to hold my phone or a credit card or a wristlet from meeting to meeting so that I am armed with a pen and a set of business cards. Why can’t women’s clothing just have more pockets?

Sure I could permanently switch to the menswear inspired pantsuit but I do yearn to exude some femininity in what is otherwise still a very masculine professional world. Also, I like the simplicity of picking out a single item of clothing without having to find a top, or a scarf, or whatever else one must pair with the menswear inspired suit to not look so manly.

And so, here begins my love affair with dresses with pockets. I love them to the point where I have considered tossing all my non-pocketed dresses. To have work appropriate attire that is stylish and practical all at the same time, and in a single piece outfit.

Oh, I could just jump up and down in joy, with my hands in my pockets.

Photo Nov 20, 7 17 35 AM

Calvin Klein Aubergine Pocket Dress with Gold Accents

Green A-line Pocket Dress with "Nude" Pumps

Eliza J. Green A-line Pocket Dress

Maggy London Burgundy Pocket Dress with Chocolate Brown Skinny Belt

Calvin Klein Turquoise Pocket Dress with Black Patent Leather Skinny Belt

4 thoughts on “Menswear Inspired

  1. agree! for awhile i was only buying dresses or skirts if they had pockets. even target had a couple of these! and of course nordstrom rack, my home away from home… fun pics, heena 🙂

  2. i hate that so many women’s clothes are made for the hourglass figure. ummmm… most of us don’t have that. all, and i mean ALL of my jeans have an cut into the button hole to make the waist a bit bigger. i wish this baby had more back, but my 100% northern european ancestry totally made that an impossibility.

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