418 thoughts on “Top 8 reasons you should marry a female physician

  1. Hilarious article.
    Although this sounds good for a man to marry a woman physician, How that can impact the career of woman physician? See here for the experiences of a woman physician in California.
    PhysicianForFairness. com
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  2. I like this article well besides the fact that these facts are specific to surgeons. What about everyone else in the healthcare field? Maybe I’m a little salty because I haven’t made it very far just yet, I am just a nurse assistant. But I know cpr, I have developed an excellent bedside manner, as well as an outstanding, maybe not so real personality for the public, I take care of sick people, am tactful in stressful situations, hell I even bag up bodies. Which absolutely gives me a unique perspective on life. I’m smart, and financially viable, though I’m not rolling in the dough I can make ends meet and keep steady employment. I can cut food, make a bed, and take a manual blood pressure all in the same time, literally. I hate to be a hater, I really did enjoy this article.

  3. 9. We look hot.
    More so from the sweating (or glistening) going on caused from the non-stop running around we do each and every day than the genetic makeup our parents so graciously gave us.

  4. Great, made me laugh and think about it. I don’t think I would want to advertise being a doctor, too many people would think, “$ machine” and you’d end up with losers!

  5. I have dated health professionals in the past, lots of pluses, a couple of minuses the worst of which was them bringing their work home and under stress reacting to you like a broken patient just because you didnt act as they wished. In one instance the ego was a bit too inflated and self important to deal with too, Money, status and an over inflated sense of self worth are genderless it seems. I have also known (but admittedly not dated) some troopers, intelligent, funny, down to earth, hard working and still good friends so its not all “Health Professionals”

    • I have dated a number of female doctors. Most have no life skills, don’t know the first thing about managing money, keeping a fridge even eatable, and are very poor at handling life’s stresses.

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  7. or.. marry a nurse, they have fixed schedules with less late night to dawn calls ^^
    either or you will be in good hands. I once got startled at the elevator by someone who was trying to make the ride.. good thing he was a cardiologist.

  8. I would love to date or marry a female physician. It’s silly to be intimidated by an intelligent and hardworking woman, even if they are, in all likelihood, more intelligent and hardworking than I am. Besides, think about the perks… Oh, wait. You already did. And then you listed them. Case in point.

  9. As the husband of a female physician, I can say that there are a million reasons why being married to a female physician is awesome, and the financial contribution isn’t even in the Top 10. From my experience, female physicians are fantastic Moms who set a wonderful example for both their male and female children. They can stay up all night to solve whatever needs solving. They are good at math. They can get ready to go out quickly. They know that sleeping late is great when you can, but if you have to get up at 500am, that works too. They have an intimate knowledge of anatomy that has value especially on nights when they are not working. They will stand up for themselves, but every doctor knows how to negotiate. Because of what they see at work every day, they know that life is unpredictable, good health is a gift, family is precious, and they are thankful for what they have, and unlikely to crave material things.
    And here is why they are truly amazing, and their husbands will remain unworthy……Despite how wonderful female physician wives are, and how lucky their husbands are, when they read this they will be thinking “Awwwwwwww…..” to themselves and trying to figure out in what way they are not that great.

  10. I have to admit, that marrying a woman who has a PhD (Or even a Medical Doctorate – being unsure how the two compare) fills me with dread.

    I think there’s only one instance when I had a vague crush on someone with A PhD. I was a software engineer, and Jane was a Maths PhD, 28, and seriously overweight, but she had the most beautiful complexion this side of Racquel Welch, and the purest dazzling Blue eyes that I could drown in, but the form of a hippotamus. Of course I never admitted my amour – besides I was 18yrs her senior.

    But despite my 136 IQ (Good enough to get into MENSA?) I have never felt I wanted to date/snog/marry a woman with a higher education/IQ than I (I was going to say ‘me’, but then remembered my English grammar lessons)

    MOST women, look to marry a man further up the social scale, those who say they don’t are just naively submitting to a socialising norm espoused by their left leaning colleagues – Trust me, my wife HATES being the bread-winner – She hates that I have to rely on her, and she hates the responsibility. It crushes her femininity.

    At 6′ 1″, and a size 18, a curvaceous 34H, with a waist many women would die for, she is all woman, despite her size 9 feet. (I always wanted a woman I could look up to – I usually joke), but in reality, I too resent that I can’t afford to spoil her, can’t afford some of the nicer trinkets a woman expects, to feel wanted, cared for, cherished and thus feminine,

    I can’t afford to buy her a selection of really nice things at Xmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, her birthday, or whenever I want to just spoil her. I deeply resent the fact that in this modern world, it is not enough to be a man, but to succeed, I need to be as sharp-tongued as a woman, to be able to multi-task like a woman, and to have the emotional intelligence of a woman – but I cannot. i am a mere MAN.

    MY brain is wired differently than hers (See ‘Sex and the Brain’ – Jo Durden-Smith & Diane de-Simone – 1983 I think, and read the 8 or so Mars and Venus books by Dr. John Gray) and I find the modern feminist movement that seeks to diminish men’s capabilities in relentless pursuit of some mythical ideal of equality, when in fact, they are far superior in many respects. I hate also that many women need constant reassurance that her decisions are valid, and reasonable, even though when a woman takes then for the right reasons, they are usually right.- She can’t help it, women are collegiate in nature (socialist?) and men are essentially loners (Capitalist?)

    I hate that so many women lack basic self-esteem, though love that occasionally, my wife lets me know, that she needs me, and I feel needed and wanted as a result. But it is hard sometimes to forget her emotional state when I do something that she cannot for the life of her see how or why I did it, because no woman would do that… (It doesn’t help that I say that no man would though)

    BUT imagine having to do verbal battle with someone several leagues higher on the IQ scale. It would be HELL.

    Sorry girls, I love you all, but I love my masculinity more.



  11. Reblogged this on obdrmama and commented:
    I thought this was a great post and fit myself and most of my colleagues. I am writing a follow-up post about the Top 8 reasons not to marry a female physician/surgeon. Having a hard time to get from 100 reasons down to 8! Stay tuned.

  12. Well Doc, that’s very true. And I’m saying from a nurse’s point of view. We nurse’s always have this statement from patients “I’ll marry a nurse so I can be nursed 24/7.”

  13. Woman physician is definitely attractive to men, and I certainly agree with all the points above. But as a physician myself, i definitely wouldn’t date another physician. The ability to see the world differently is strongly limited if my other half is doing the same thing as I do. Although it is great that both of us may understand the stress equally well, it will be impossible to reduce the stress load as both are going through the same things. Therefore, physician in general (either man or woman), is a great occupation, and anyone who is able to find another half who is working in health care field is a blessing. But as long as both aren’t physician, it will be all good.

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  15. I was very impressed with what I have read. I must admit, I am totally different from men you have dated in the pass and your professional. Let me tell you about myself, I am that corny guy who still believes in sending a woman flowers , just because. The guy who you can talk to, open doors for listen to you and make you laugh. I love Latin music and dancing. I also love movies, romantic comedies are my favorite. In fact I have just completed one. It should be on the ” Big screen soon.. I’m ” 45″ no children and single. By the way, I am an Author. Love to meet you. I don’t think you will be disappointed.!!

  16. I’mma just throw this out there. None of these are the qualities most single guys look for. In fact, most all of these are downsides, especially 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Males want to be “the protector” of his girl, the one she can go to when she’s having trouble with something. I can’t tell you how much I love when a woman is afraid of spiders. It’s ridiculous, I get it. But I get to swoop in and save the day. Female doctors are so strong, smart, and independent, where does the guy fit in? And 7, although guys complain about high maintenance girls all the time, I’d venture to say they love a little high maintenance. I’d also venture to say female doctors are not actually any less high maintenance than the general population. I’ve dated a female doctor and will be a doctor myself in less than a year so I’m surrounded by them. I see no difference. 6, well, some guys like personality, some don’t, but when you use it as a point to convince us that you are a catch, it’s weird. And 8, again, you’re just plain better than the dude. I will say this. *My* favorite things about dating a doctor were: she didn’t take shit from rude people, she knew how to have a balanced conversation – she didn’t take the spotlight all the time, she had a good heart/cared about people, she kept an open mind about my life and perspective, and she had direction in her life. She also looked sexy in scrubs. Things I don’t find in many other girls.

  17. I’m glad I found this article–very interesting! It was posted by a doctor (OB doc). I actually dated her for a few months. That was like 7 years ago. I am happily married now. From what I can tell, she is still single. When we first met, I had no clue she was a doctor. I liked her for who she was. I fell in love with her rather quickly. I think she loved me too, although she never really told me face to face. I was a substance abuse counselor at the time, and she accepted me for who I was. She was a good person/good heart. It’s just that….well, I’m not going to say anything bad about her. Let’s just say- it would take a certain type of man to keep her happy. lol

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