Avoiding a Vacation Set Back: Day #1

I am heading out  today for a much needed two week vacation. In years past, I had a tendency to gain 5-7lbs for each week of vacation. Too much foodie tourism and too little movement. Things are different now. Or least I like to think they are. I still plan on eating well, just not with reckless abandon; and I plan on tempering the eating with exercise or at least of lot of steps logged every day.

So, my vacation blogging goal is to post at least one fitness achievement or workout fashion statement for each day of vacation.

Today was Day#1 (though I did go to our weekly 6:30am meeting at work). I was exhausted from one on call day and two late nights packing but it was really beautiful out (and at least when I made the decision not too humid) so I willed myself to get out there. It was not pretty. Honestly with how bad I felt with the hills and the humidity (it had really gotten moist by 9:30am), I was wondering how it was that I finished a half marathon just 7wks ago. But I got her done at a sub-11min pace (yes, that’s pretty speedy for me and no it’s not about how fast you are; it’s about having put in the effort no matter how fast or how slow.)

Here’s my other summer lemon workout look. Puma running capris and an Under Armour ribbed tank.



Fitbit count >15,000k steps before making it to the destination. (Yes, I am publishing this from 30,000 feet–yah! JetBlue in-flight wifi.)


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