Avoiding a Vacation Set Back: Day #6

Today was just painful.

It started out well enough with my third of three Pure Barre classes. I once again over-indulged at a cute little breakfast place called the spectacular egg. If you have never had peanut butter French toast your life is incomplete.

Of course I would have loved to so more in the day later to keep moving but the flight home awaited and after a long delay stuck on the plane I am still not home yet. If I had been delayed in the terminal I would have walked and walked. Instead I am finishing the day with just 7,300 steps. So disappointing.

But my goal was a daily post so I am sharing this disappointment.

3 thoughts on “Avoiding a Vacation Set Back: Day #6

  1. Two goals done (barre + blog), one goal incomplete. On planes, I’ll flex and point my feet to keep the blood moving and count that as exercise. Attach the pedometer to your foot, and the “steps” can add up!
    But really, how disappointing can any day be that starts at a place called “the spectacular egg”?

  2. Don’t weigh yourself for 48 hours after you have landed. I always seem to put on 4lbs of plane weight (most unscientific and undoctorly I know) that goes after a day of normality. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Sounded lovely.

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