Vacation Set Back Avoidance Summary

A few days ago, we returned from a generously long vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando. On the heels of a great few days with some of my closest girlfriends, it was nice to also have some quality time with the kids.

Unlike many adults, my husband and I really enjoy the Disney experience. They have truly perfected customer service. Plus, for foodies like us, it is really nice that we can take a week with our kids and still hit some great restaurants. There really is no other place where we could have consumed as many cheese plates as we did with our kids in tow. As much as I have been trying to focus on being fit and healthy, I like food and I like good food. The challenge in my new lifestyle is how to continue pursing foodie habits without huge set backs, in particular during times of travel when the there are so many temptations. During our first family trip to Disney a few years ago, I gained 6lbs that took more than two years to shed. So for this trip there were many salads and much more sharing of appetizers and entrees. I never felt deprived, though. The old me would have been like “Awe, but I might love that and I don’t eat here all the time” and the new me was like “You definitely will not love feeling bloated and tipping the scale a few lbs heavier when you get home.”

Since the place basically forces you to be on the run it is super-easy to log lots and lots of steps it’s another way to balance the food intake which for us was definitely way more indulgent than a given day at home. We averaged 23k-25k steps per day (about 5000 per day less than our previous trip) because the heat drove us to the pool or in for naps or to the gym for a quick workout during the middle of the day. Yes, that’s right. Despite knowing that I would be walking upwards of 20k steps daily, I found time to work out (even if briefly before heading to the parks) every day. Once, I even opted to hit the hotel gym one day instead of a gelato bar.

So, I am happy to report (for those of you who were following my attempts at avoiding a set back until the whole whirl wind of Disney cut into the bloggin time) that after 8 days of a vacation with plenty of gluttony and culinary delights I did not gain weight. Yah!

Check out some more thoughts on my Disney vacay here.

1 thought on “Vacation Set Back Avoidance Summary

  1. Great job! That’s my goal during two weeks in Tahiti. That’s why I signed up for Chicago, I figure now I have to run while I’m away.

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