Get your guy a trunk

What better accessory for the fashionable woman than a well-dress man on her arm? (If your better half happens to be a woman, then you can skip this and read the many Stitch Fix posts shared by @surgeoninkicks on this blog.)

Now back to your regularly scheduled handsome man. This guy may or may not have been a hot guy back in the day but he’s has grown into adulthood as a decidely handsome man.

Pre-Trunk Club “Night Out” Look

This guy takes care of himself. He hits the gym, or sees a trainer, sets out on a run, a bike ride, or a swim (or maybe all three if the man in your life is a triathlete!). He’s good to you. He pulls his weight around the house even if he’s working as much or more than you. He understands your needs and wants and does what he can to help you achieve them. He’s all that but he’s being all that in a pair of Levi’s and a Hanes Hefty T-shirt, or worse in a pair of pleated pants and a pique polo. Or this, pictured to the right (even if you ignore the obvious pre-self care, pre-fitness physique). Ugh!

What if you want this guy to have a smart, casual wardrobe that makes you swoon? But, he hates shopping. He doesn’t trust you to buy him anything even though you are a fashionista. He can’t appreciate the difference in fabrics and craftmanship between the Target house brand or Gap and the small men’s clothiers that line every city’s boutique district (e.g. Newbury St in Boston or Oak St in Chicago) or that you often find in the Men’s department at Nordstrom. Sigh! What to do with this guy?! So much handsome man potential wasted on bland or poorly constructed clothes.

You need to get this guy a trunk from the Trunk Club. Think of Trunk Club like Stitch Fix for men, except that Trunk Club did it first and you order trunks on demand rather than a subscription service. Twice a year may be plenty to achieve your goals and provide this guy with a handful of go-to pieces of investment clothing or accessories from which he will get a lot of handsomeness mileage. He speaks with his stylist to give them a sense of tastes and wants. They Fed-Ex you him a trunk. He tries everything on at his leisure, in the comfort and privacy of his own home and returns anything he doesn’t want to keep at no cost.

Bear in mind that this is not a cost conscious way to get your desired result. The things that show up on your guy’s doorstep in this trunk are exclusively branded, often small batch clothes at high price points. As the company itself says “Trunk Club carries a wide selection of premium men’s casual clothing. Our pricing is on par with high-end retailers.” Also, be aware that the personal stylist your guy gets might be a presumably hot girl named Lindsay. (This is all done by phone and online so it’s not like your guy will ever meet this girl in person but I just have it in my head that if the stylist is named Lindsay it goes without saying that she’s blonde and perky with doe wide blue eyes, a body curved in all the right places and she knows your guy’s inseam). But if you can get over the discomfort of these two caveats, you must turn your guy onto the Trunk Club.


Post-Trunk Club “Night Out” Look

My husband first caught on to Trunk Club in 2011. He’s gotten a handful of trunks since then. I am over-the-top with joyful anticipation when he is about to get a trunk and I delight in having him put on a little fashion show as we decide what he will and will not keep. (I am trying to convince him to allow me to document his “un-trunking” on this blog!) Some of my favorites to emerge from his trunks over the years are his LBM 1911 deconstructed blazer,  Donald J Pliner loafers, Fidelity jeans, and an Eton button down that just makes me melt every time he wears it. Dressing better has also really helped him embrace his inner handsome man too. He looks good so he feels good, he feels good so he works harder to look and feel good (just compare the pre- and post- pictures; it may not be entirely attributable to the Trunk Club but I know for sure that dressing well has played a big part in regaining good health). I used to think this concept of fashion as a tonic for feeling good only applied to women but clearly men can benefit too by embellishing what nature has given them, by default or with hours of workouts, with a well-constructed, well-fitting wardrobe.

So ladies, get your guy a trunk and he will be the best possible accessory for your favorite outfit.

2 thoughts on “Get your guy a trunk

  1. Too bad it’s a US thing!!
    I’ll have to keep on putting labels on TDH’s clothing and conspire with all of the family to get him dressed properly! (gifts…). (The labels were mini-post-its. Hot pink: useful as a rag for household purposes. Orange: only to be worn when nobody can see you. Green: good to go). (Yes, I did that.)

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