A Week in Boots

Yes, boot season is over but (see prior blog post from earlier today) I never got around to blogging about my week in black boots this past March. It was quite an achievement given how long and hard I had looked for even a single pair of black boots that wouldn’t cause leg ischemia and rip at the seems around my calf. So I figured I would share as it might be useful for next boot season at the very least.

Monday: My favorite dress paired with my Louboutins


Tuesday: My new Eliza J sweater dress (first time ever a sweater dress did not make me look ever so slighter pregnant) and my Aquitalia square heeled boots. I have found that almost all boots from this brand fit my calves and the waterproof leather gives me a ton of leeway to wear them that I do not have with the Monday boots (which I carried to and from work in their red bag to protect them from the ravages of winter on my local streets and parking lots).

tuesday boots

Wednesday: A skirt, blouse, and blazer combination curated from Nordstrom Rack with an Adea top and my Aquitalia riding boots acquired from Hautelook. I liked them so much I bought the brown ones as well. The calves are fine but the feet are narrow and so, for the first time ever, I own a pair of shoe trees to try to rectify the problem.

wednesday boots

Thursday: It was St. Patrick’s Day and I wore my favorite green dress (also from Eliza J) with my Anyi Lu dress boots. The dancer footbed is indeed a dream and the 2.5in heel totally manageable on a busy work day.

thursday boots

Friday: We had a work retreat and I felt the need to go totally casual. I am obsessed with this Max Studio (also from Nordstrom Rack) dress that is easily the most comfortable thing I own. I could live in it. I paired it with my Stuart Weitzman riding boots which after a few years of wear sag a bit too much at the ankles but worked with casual.

friday boots

Finally, the week ended for me (well not really since I was on call the following Saturday starting at 6am) with a casual work function so I broke out of both the black and the tall boot and instead went for these Vince Camuto aubergine suede booties paired with William Rast jeans and a woven gold top (a Nordstrom brand that escapes me at the moment) that I acquired for my 20th high school reunion a while back and still love to wear 3 year later since for me investing in a gold article of clothing is like basic black for everyone else.


4 thoughts on “A Week in Boots

    • Office days are different than clinical days. I were only danskos on clinical. All but the Louboutins (too high) and Aquitalia riding boots (too tight in forefoot) are fine for a 10,000k day to and fro. Anyi Lu is incredibly comfortable. The stacked heel of the other Aquitalia boots poses no challenge. So I often travel in one of these two to transition from suits to skinny jeans etc. The SW riders are just blah–kind of worn and worn enough to be comfy.

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