April Stitch Fix Review

Short and sweet version of how Stitch Fix works, click here.

So, for full disclosure, I received a shipment over a month ago that was pretty much a disaster.  They had changed out my usual stylist, and well, it didn’t work out so well.  In fact, I don’t even remember all the pieces they sent because it was that bad – either in quality or in the style itself.  However, I wanted to give Stitch Fix another try.  I don’t expect every box to be a 100% hit, but I do want it to be fun!  So, this brings us to this month’s fix.  The set up was right – my original stylist was back, I asked for fun spring and summer items, I even mentioned an upcoming trip to the beach…Alas, my hopes were low upon opening the box, and completely dashed after trying everything on.  Only the second box ever that was a no hitter, a complete miss.  Nothing was even tempting to spend $20 on 😦

Let’s start with the two items that were on my Pinterest page…

Taylor Izara Honeycomb Print Dress $78


Now, this item is truly well made.  Great fabric, lined, and overall a quality piece, and worth the $78.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like the print in real life, it was too big all over and as you can see below, extremely unflattering – made me look even shorter and stockier than I already am.

IMG_2129 IMG_2128

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee $44


I had also Pinned this – but sometimes you just shouldn’t give people what they ask for, and this is an example.  Too big and too long.  The material was very soft, but also pretty see-through.

IMG_2111 IMG_2113

Gotta love my little photo bomber:)  Now onto the “surprises”…

19 Cooper Sheer Javi Panel Blouse $58


It seems that Stitch Fix has a plethora of shapeless blouses made of synthetic materials… see my last article of clothing for another example.  Anyways, same story different verse – didn’t like the print, it was boxy, shapeless, and yet again, unflattering.  I’m guessing the “sheer” panels were this blouse’s attempt at being cool and hip?  Fail.  I promise I do own a waist – as yet unproven by a single picture in this blog…

IMG_2116 IMG_2118

Eight Sixty Tracie Geo Print Maxi Skirt $78


The one positive thing I can say about this maxi skirt was that the length was perfect – which is definitely difficult to find since I am so petite.  However – not only did I pretty much abhor the print, and find the 10 inch long “lining” humorous, the material definitely was the cherry on top of this disastrous cake.  I am not sure of anyone who would want to wear this polyester material during any warm weather, much less at the beach.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on the cheap, narrow elastic waistband – the kind that will continuously twist on you…

IMG_2135 IMG_2131 IMG_2130

This is the “lining” turned inside out so you can get an idea of how pathetic short it was.

Collective Concepts May Chevron Print Knit Back Top $54


Don’t even really know where to begin with this, oh, wait, this story sounds familiar – I again, don’t like the print, it is super short (which really is an achievement considering I am only 5’2″!) and super boxy.  The back is also virtually sheer, and overall quality isn’t great.  And again, unflattering.


So, there we are, folks.  Sadly, the only thing this month’s fix provided was an entire page of fashion “don’ts”.  One thing I did note from this fix is that my shipment came from Indiana instead of San Francisco – maybe this played a role in the lack of actually cool and fashionable clothing?  Maybe I should unclick the “mom” box on my style profile?  I have to admit, I’m still not exactly sure why that is on there… Anyways, I am still holding onto a small seed of faith that Jenny L. can get this train back on track, and I will try one more fix.  I have had success in the past with some great pieces, and am hoping for a fun and fashionable fix next time.

Despite this month’s review, check out my previous “wins”, how Stitch Fix works and if you would like to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, click here.

3 thoughts on “April Stitch Fix Review

  1. I actually broke up with Stitch Fix a few months ago- realized I was keeping things that I really didn’t want/ need, and was having far more misses than hits. I had better luck earlier on- even with the same stylist- which makes me wonder if they’re just too busy to be as effective as they were even a year ago.

  2. My last box I kept one item. I am trying ONE more time but I am pretty much done. I should have posted some pics of my last box.

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