Refresh for May Day #1: My Favorite Foot Cream

All month, @surgeoninkicks and I are going to try to share one of our favorite “personal care pantry items” per day. This is to challenge us to get something on the blog each day for 31 days (don’t worry, we will still post what comes to us in fits and spurts in between patients on call or while sitting in the scanner) and to share some of our consumer favorites. As usual, all of these things are purchased on our own; we have no commercial supporters or endorsement. This is just stuff we love to have stocked in our vanities or make-up bags.

As a surgeon who has been on her feet more often than not for the last 15 years, and now as an aspiring runner, I need a good foot cream to ease the burden of a long day (and by day I mean 36+ hours on call) or the burden of a long run. I have tried the foot creams from Earth Elements, Aveda, Origins, and L’Occitane and have never been wows. But, last year, I found a sample tube of H2O+’s Softening Mint Foot Rub while staying at the Grand Floridian at Disney. I have not come across it at any of the other Disney resorts I have stayed as.

Softening Mint Foot Rub


This foot cream is the best. It has mint and menthol to cool along with lactate and salicylate to soften and exfoliate. I am obsessed.  I found a bunch of 2oz samples in the old packaging at TJ Maxx once and bought them all–all 20 of them. There is a flagship store in Chicago on the Mag Mile. Last time I was there I bought 6 tubes and checked a bag to hall them home. (Yes, they can be ordered online but the power of the find for someone who loves to shop must not be underestimated–note: this is why I don’t do Stitch Fix). I also love using it on my legs for sore muscles or to cool the skin after a wax/epilation. Based on the ingredients, it likely goes a long way to prevent ingrowns too.

4 thoughts on “Refresh for May Day #1: My Favorite Foot Cream

  1. Taking your review in mind and since my heels have painful fissures at the moment I just logged on to buy some. They have free shipping this weekend.
    (ex ICU MD, injured runner)

  2. And they had a 15% off on your first order, with the free shipping. Not that I’m easily influenced or anything, but man do my tootsies hurt today.

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