Refresh for May Day #15: My favorite almond scented soaps

If you haven’t heard, I am a migraineur with scents being my worst trigger. But it is a drag to go unscented all the time and I have found that almond scents are a favorite non-migrainogenic scent as demonstrated by my favorite body butter. When I was looking for a soap to match my love for the almond scent of the Basin body butter, I was of course attracted to Basin’s almond honey soap but the price point is hefty and not being able to grab one at the store when ever I had forgotten to restock was quite a drag. So after a single bar of I decided I needed to move on. I risked migraines by searching in a number of store fronts like Lush, L’Occitane, and Body ShoAlmond Castile Bar Soap - 5 oz.p only to find that the almond scents weren’t nearly as pure as Basin’s. The perfumey after-smell (is that a thing), was just awful to me (and a huge migraine trigger). I then turned to the internet and found a few rave reviews of Dr. Bronner’s almond bar soap. Evidently, this brand is a favorite among those who swear by being totally pure, totally organic. I am not gonna lie, I wanted a soap that would pair well with my pre-shower Basin Almond Body Scrub and post-shower Basin Almond Body Butter. And when I finally tracked this brand down in my local Wegman’s it was a home run. The scent was as pure and un-migrainogAlmond Castile Liquid Soap - 16 oz.enic as that a Basin at a much lower price point that I can re-stock on on a whim. And, I discovered along with it its liquid cousin in the Almond Castile Liquid Soap. It comes out watery but lathers up like a champ and leave the skin clean, smooth, and smelling great. So if you love almond scents as much as I do, I highly recommend Dr. Bronner.

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