Refresh for May Day #17: My Favorite Face Wash

My wish list for a face wash:

1.  Non-drying

2.  Removes make-up effectively

3.  Able to achieve #2 without requiring 10 minutes and some elbow grease

That’s it.  Doesn’t seem too complicated, right?!  Well, think again.  How many times have I used cleansers that claim to remove makeup just to finish rinsing and look up at myself in the mirror with two big raccoon eyes because my non-waterproof mascara just proved to be too much for said cleanser?  Or, if it does remove makeup, I feel like I might as well have used paint thinner, my face gets stripped so dry.  Here enters the Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh.  It is 100% effective at removing all makeup, but keeps the skin soft and nourished as well.  And yes, you can use it with a Clarisonic as well.

Link to product below and image from Sephora.




You can buy here from Sephora.


Disclaimer:  Despite my best efforts, I am not compensated in any way for any review of any product.  It’s sad, I know… 😉

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