Refresh for May Day #28: My Favorite Dry Shampoo

This post of all the others on the blog should clarify that there are two of us. I read another blog post once on dry shampoos that was about “best drug store” dry shampoos. The implication obviously was that drug store brands are in a different, that is inferior, league than department store or salon brands. Now, you can’t follow this blog and not know that I am totally fine with fancy schmancy. But, even though my blogging alter ego already posted about her favorite dry shampoo from an elite salon brand I feel compelled to share my favorite in the same product line which does, in fact, make it to the top of the “drug store” brand, “Under $10,” “Inexpensive” dry shampoo in a number of other forums (just google dry shampoo).

My requirements are:

1) A scent that won’t give me a migraine and make me vomit

2) No white residue after brushing (which is pretty obvious in my black hair)

3) Actually makes my blowouts last longer

The Batiste Dry Shampoo–which I have mentioned before–is really perfect in my book. I like the Cherry and I like that there is a travel size so I don’t have to change up my brand when I travel. This does leave a white residue when applied but easily brushes out. I might have to try the one for dark hair at some point if the scent is tolerable.

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