Refresh for May Day #30: My Favorite Styling Tool

Most days my hair goes straight up in a pony tail. (I know you wouldn’t know it based on how often I mention the blowout on this site but when you have is much hair as I do and have as little time as I do to get it cut trust me a good cut and a great blow out are a big deal.)

A lot has changed since my most recent cut and new found love of the blowout. First, myhair is about 4 inches longer. Second, I have replaced the OGX keratin line with the Aveda Smooth Infusion line. But by far the greatest addition to my hair routine, as infrequent as it may be, is the John Freida Salon Shape Hot Air Brush. This tool won’t dry the hair sufficiently on it’s own. For that you need a professional grade hair dryer. I use a T3 Featherweight that I love. And, if I do it well using a 1.5 to 2 in ionic barrel brush on day 1 I get a great blow out and the hot air brush is not even needed. But, for those who struggle with using the barrel brush in one hand and the hairca-salon-shape-hot-air-brush dryer in the other, this tool does potentially simplify the original blow out as many other bloggers have noted.

Where I find that this is a total must is on the post blowout days. When I have a little wet hair say from a shower cap that can’t handle the mass of hair I have or post-workout I can dry those areas and re-sleek the blow out in a jiffy. Just a few runs through the hair on the high heat setting then finish off quickly on the low heat and voila the extended blowout looks just as good, if not better than day 1. I apply dry shampoo after this process to soak up the scalp oils then I brush out one last time. I take the hot air brush with me when I travel now instead of a travel hair dryer. I can use it off as my barrel brush or on for touch ups as described.

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