Refresh for May Day #31: My Favorite Makeup Applicator

Okay, so drumroll please…. last product in our refresh for May series!  And I am saving the best for last… it is the BeautyBlender.  This product has absolutely changed how I apply my makeup.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and the results are flawless – perfectly blended – no streaks or brush marks.  It literally will give you an airbrushed look in less time than other makeup applicators.

Yes.  It is a makeup sponge.

Why is it any different than any other makeup sponge?  Short version is the material and how it holds water, leading to really good results.

How do you use it?

Take the dry sponge and completely saturate it under running water.  The sponge will double in size during this process.  Then, squeeze the excess water out of the sponge.  I take it one step further and do one and only one quick squeeze of the sponge inside of a towel.  You want the sponge to be damp, not wet.

I either place the foundation/BB Cream, etc on the BeautyBlender or dot the makeup directly onto my face.  The moistened BeautyBlender is then used to bounce or stipple the makeup onto the face, which blends while applying.  I use the larger, round base for cheeks and forehead, then use the tapered end for around the eye and nose.  Because of its shape, this one product will work to blend and apply makeup anywhere on your face.

After you are finished, you clean the sponge, then leave out to air dry and it will shrink back to its original proportions 🙂

The link I am including is to the set that I purchased – which includes 2 sponges and the cleanser.  It’s a great deal (I have one at home and one at my office) and it includes a great cleanser which can be used for any other brush or makeup applicator you might own.

Hope you all enjoyed our Refresh for May series!

Link to product and image from Sephora.


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