The Aviator

Once you find a silhouette that works for you, stick with it. This applies for clothing, shoes, and shades. 

So while most aviators don’t work on my face, those with a curved nasal bridge do. Here’s my collection (from top to bottom brought to you via Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, and DVF) What I wear depends on my desired metallic tone, shade of lens, and amount of frame. 
Today for example, the orange lenses of the DVFs play well off the dress (Athleta) and carnelian earrings (via Pearl St, Boulder, CO craft fair). 

And, on this recent day touring Safeco Field in Seattle I didn’t need to match anything so I went for the more subtle Marc Jacobs. 

And well I guess I don’t have any pix of the Juicy Couture ones with the non-gold bridge and stems but they work too. What’s a go to silhouette you have found in shades? 

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