A reunion, a wedding, & a race: Chapter 9 (Their Big Day!)

It was very nice of my cousin to plan her wedding in the same town as my alma mater and across the river from the start/finish of a pretty popular road race for our region. Their big day finally arrived after a long and exhausting weekend of activities (as you likely well know if you have been following this series).

I will confess that I find taming 6 yards of silk in a ball gown esque creation with just a couple of safety pins remains a huge challenge for me. I am grateful that my patient and artistic husband is always willing to help. Here is the end result after referring to memory and a few YouTube videos. I accessorized with my wedding jewelry, the Movado watch (its second appearance of the weekend), and a new bangle from Amrita Singh (who has brought Indian style jewelry into mainstream fashionista closets across America). It was also an opportunity to debut the Christian Louboutins I acquired some months ago now (I needed the perfect outfit to pair them with, hence the delay). As an aside, deciding to debut your 5 inch stiletto Louboutins the day after dancing all night and running 13.2 miles in the morning is sort of questionable decision making. Alas, my heart was set on it and I had not packed any reasonable alternatives. 


And here’s a peek at the happy couple. 


1 thought on “A reunion, a wedding, & a race: Chapter 9 (Their Big Day!)

  1. Wanting to wish you congratulations! Didn’t know you were Hindu/Indian. I know people from Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu. I love Indian food (preferably Southern). I can eat spice, I just don’t do well with meat LOL. I know someone who likes Punjabi type food too.

    As for Indian weddings, they outdo Americans any day. I had someone saying they were going back to Indian for a wedding. I said so you’ll be gone 7-10 days. Yep. 🙂 Such a lovely lovely sea of colors at Indian weddings. Gorgeous to see.

    I have a sari and an anarkolie (spelling) or two of my own. We have a couple of Indian festivals I attend. Its a riot. You’ll see blonde, blue eyed people in Indian dress and the Indians mostly in jeans unless they’re in the performances. LOL.

    One thing I will say: I have seen the women about passed out trying to mother (and as a group, they are some of the best parents I’ve ever seen), have the job, etc. Have to “have it all”. Don’t do it. Its not worth it. Killing yourself to live up to an ideal which isn’t possible here, since $600 a month in America doesn’t pay for cleaners, baby sitters, drivers, cooks, etc. Do your best. That’s good enough.

    Whatever you do, don’t allow your kids to get used to American food (well they call it food but its an abomination to the body and environment) and certain culture habits. 🙂 If you look at a few of the Youtube videos on Indians trying American food, you’ll understand. I totally agreed with everything they said. Teach them your languages, because the ability to talk to other cultures and learn other mindsets is important and that importance will grow.

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