There are lots of blogs about fashion and lots of blogs about fitness. There are even a few blogs about surgeons’ lives in and out of the OR. But, there aren’t many surgeons who blog about fashion, fitness, food, and family.

Juggling work and home while trying to look and feel good is a challenge. We welcome you to follow us Trauma Mamas hoping to rock hot heels, cool kicks, and a scalpel in the never-ending chaos that is our life. While we do try to blog mostly life outside of work, often the two are so intertwined that they bleed together so you may also see our musings on some things surgical on our site.

Our opinions are entirely our own and do not represent those of our employers or funding sources. When sharing our opinions on commercially available shoes, clothes, accessories, and beauty products, unless otherwise noted, these items were purchased personally by us for our individual use without any promise of endorsement to any particular company.

We hope that you are enjoying our content. All of our writing is original work. Should you wish to share or repost our words and/or images in any other format other than a direct link to one of our posts, kindly acknowledge us and place a link to this blog to give us proper credit. Thanks!


23 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this! I came across an article on your site on the Artemis page in Facebook. I am a Pediatric hospitalist but also have a lifestyle blog on Travel, Culture, Food&Wine!

  2. A friend shared one of your posts and I love your blog so much! It’s so wonderful to see that you can still balance a blog along with family and your other hobbies while being surgeons. I’m currently a medical student (doing my surgery rotation right now!) and I write a blog on fashion, food, travel and music!

  3. Stumbled across your blog via twitter (the 8 reasons to marry a physician/surgeon post). I’m a GP surgeon, and I blog about skiing/climbing, style/fashion, my dog and whatever else I feel like writing about. Love your blog and will definitely be back!


  4. I found your blog on Sarah-Beth Photography’s page. I’m not a surgeon or even in the medical field but love your posts! I am a big fan of heels! =)

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  6. Hello Fellow women and surgeons in heels..
    Love your blog…
    I am new to the blogging community and recently my friend who is a child psychiatrist and I who am a breast surgeon just started a fashion and lifestyle blog and have called it doctors in heels ( http://www.drsinheels.blogspot.com) ..
    I am excited to see its not just how our blogs have similar names but also how similar are our outlooks.. Looking forward to further posts from the trauma mamas

    Dr All About Comfort

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog after reading your very insightful piece about breaking through the glass ceiling; saw it on Kevin Pho’s site. I feel very grateful to have come upon this site as it appeals to everything that I love (medicine, fitness and fashion)! I’m a practicing medical oncologist/hematologist, married mother of 2 little girls and will look forward to reading this daily! Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. The blog is mental health for us and we hope it provides some for you too. But my gosh we are too busy to post daily but do our best.

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