Trauma Mama Wellness

You might be wondering who we trauma mamas are. We are friends united in a demanding career competing with our oft neglected wellness goals. Wellness for us encompasses three main pillars:

Family: We aim to be as present as possible for our incredibly supportive spouses and our children. In reality we spend far more time at work than at home. While our loved ones give us ample latitude to pursue our careers because in their view we are “taking care of people”  either through direct patient care, research or education when at work, we must succeed at also taking care of those we love. We hope that sharing our challenges allows us to grow as wives and mothers and may encourage you to do the same.

Fashion: We love to dress fashionably, in particular in designer high heels. Perhaps this is a backlash to the typical scrubs + Danskos that made up our daily wardrobe during years of arduous surgical training when we could not have afforded any designer anything anway. Perhaps, we survive the ups and downs of our daily lives through retail therapy. Either way, our typical environment precludes talk of such “girly” interests so we want to share with you in this forum.

Fitness: We are finally in a position to have some control over our physical wellness. After 3 children and 120+lbs between us related to bearing said children while surgical trainees, we are facing the reality that being fit is not going to get any easier as we age. As we struggle to incorporate fitness into our daily routines while maintaining balanced diet, we are motivated to continue by sharing our successes and inevitable failures with you. We may not ever win any races or be a size 00, but we want to look good, feel good, and be good role models for our children who we hope will learn to avoid some of our past bad habits.


One thought on “Trauma Mama Wellness

  1. Love this blog ! I am going to link to it on mine. I’m not sure how my patients will react, but it will be good for them. I am ob/gyn so can pretty much relate. Appreciate what you do. Gina Nelson

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