How We Met

Yes, there are two of us.

We trained in the same city at different institutions. We both fell in love with trauma surgery in the same trauma unit a few years apart. Our paths crossed during that time but we wouldn’t have called each other a friend. We both eventually finished training and became academic acute care surgeons. We were both married to men of different race/ethnic backgrounds. We were both moms. We had a cordial relationship and occasionally kept in touch via email, social media, and professional meetings. Over the years we had  become closer and certainly called each other a friend.

Then at a meeting in the fall of 2013, we realized that we had a lot more in common than our profession and the broad strokes of our personal lives. We were both struggling to focus on our health and well-being in the midst of our hectic work lives while also trying to be decent wives and mothers. We were both fashion obsessed, shoe fanatics who treated many a stressful day with retail therapy. We shared the same sass, albeit one with a sweet southern flair and the other with an angsty, northeast punch. We were finishing each other’s sentences by the end of the meeting.

Before we really found each other that fall, I had wanted to share my musings on trying to figure out how to be whole–how to craft my own reality, how to figure out this messy work life balance thing–for some time. I had been following several blogs on lifestyle and fitness to get my own $#!% together. I found them inspiring and wondered if sharing my thoughts and experiences might inspire others. But, I was certain that my  $#!% was not nearly together enough to blog on my own. I needed a partner. I knew that she was the one by the time we said goodbye at that meeting.

A few weeks later I published my first post on my half marathon experience on WordPress and Hot Heels, Cool Kicks, & A Scalpel was born.


2 thoughts on “How We Met

  1. I just discovered your blog and absolutely love it! I have identical twin daughters who are just finishing up their third year of med school. This is the time, of course, when push has come to shove as far as deciding which discipline to pursue. Sara always knew she’d so something in pediatrics and wants to be a pediatric emergency physician. Amy has agonized over her decision. People were trying to talk her into OB/GYN–but, after realizing which rotation made her happiest, she has decided to become a surgeon and is really happy and focused. I have sent both of my daughters links to your blog and some very pertinent posts. I know they will have great interest in reading what you have to say about your journeys.

    • Fran, thanks so much for your positive words. Good luck to your daughters. It is a challenging but joyful profession. The blog has allowed us to sort through the joys and the challenges. So glad you find it meaningful.

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