September 2014 Stitch Fix Review


I’m a little late posting this one, but this is my review for my September Stitch Fix box. ¬†If you are not sure how Stitch Fix works, click here and read my first review. Jenny L was my stylist again, and did an awesome job… again ūüôā ¬†It was another perfect mix of requested pieces and surprises and everything fit well.


On to the fix…



1. Pixley June Polka dot skirt $58


I’m starting with the only “miss” in the fix. ¬†The fit was great, and the material was a thicker cotton with stretch. ¬†However, the polka dots and navy and white color scheme were screaming spring and summer to me, instead of heading into fall, and overall the look is a little too preppy for me.


2. Pomelo Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan $68


This was a requested piece, and I wanted to love it.  The material was amazingly soft and comfortable, but unfortunately much thinner than I had anticipated Рso you can see every wrinkle from the overlapping fabric and every line from the jeans I wore with it.  This was a return.


3.  Amour Vert Alessandro Abstract Print BUtton Up Blouse $118


Is it or is it not a 3/4 sleeve? ¬†That is the question. ¬†Well, let’s start with the positives – this is a very high quality piece – well made, seriously luxurious fabric (100% good quality silk)- and I believe worth the price tag. ¬†I am usually not huge on prints, but I loved this one and the colors. ¬†However, as you can see by the picture, it is waaay too long. ¬†If you changed the material to a white cotton, it could be a nightgown. ¬†Also, because I’m so petite, the sleeve length was not quite 3/4 and also not quite full length. ¬†Unwillingly, this went back into the bag.


4. Kensie Shannon Lace Back Short Sleeve Blouse $68


This was one of my surprises, and Jenny L. really hit the nail on the head with this one. ¬†I loved it. ¬†The lace detail on the sleeve and the back was beautiful. ¬†I tried so hard to convince myself to keep this one, but it just wasn’t flattering. ¬†I don’t necessarily mind a boxy cut, but the darts at the bust hit me below the bust and overall was just a little too big. ¬†The sleeves although beautifully done, hit my arm at an awkward place also. ¬†This is the piece that I tried on at least 4 times, and most reluctantly put back in the bag. ¬†I am feeling a case of “Stitch Fix regret” coming on, I loved the style of this so much, but it just wasn’t flattering, dang it.


5. Margeret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser $98


So I received the blue version of these a few fixes ago and although I liked the fit, I wasn’t crazy about the blue color. ¬†I asked to try these again in black, and so glad I received them! ¬†The inseam is perfect, the pants fit perfectly for both work and play – fitted, but not tight – and they are comfortable! ¬†I have already worn these twice since receiving (on a plane and for work) – perfect for traveling!


Overall, I am still so happy Jenny L. is my stylist and think she did a great job. ¬†I loved all the pieces she sent except for the polka dot skirt. ¬†This fix was again a perfect mix of requested pieces and some “surprises” that were awesome. ¬†Ugh, there I go again thinking about the black lace shirt….


I am still enjoying Stitch Fix, and if you would like a “fix” yourself, here is my referral link¬†to get started!

Why I am leaving the best job I ever had

Because he is married to an academic surgeon and it reminds me of all the parenting my husband has done over the years to keep our family balanced.

Max Schireson's blog

Earlier this summer, Matt Lauer asked Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, whether she could balance the demands of being a mom and being a CEO. The Atlantic asked similar questions of PepsiCo’s female CEO Indra Nooyi. As a male CEO, I have been asked what kind of car I drive and what type of music I like, but never how I balance the demands of being both a dad and a CEO.

While the press haven’t asked me, it is a question that I often ask myself. Here is my situation:

* I have 3 wonderful kids at home, aged 14, 12 and 9, and I love spending time with them: skiing, cooking, playing backgammon, swimming, watching movies or Warriors or Giants games, talking, whatever.
* I am on pace to fly 300,000 miles this year, all the normal CEO travel plus commuting between Palo Alto and New York…

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Thomas the train should get fired: A parents’ guide to children’s programming.


photo 1-4

Unfortunately (for everyone involved), my 2 year old son recently had to get his tonsils and adenoids removed. ¬†This resulted in a 2 week period of giving my child nothing but juice and having him cling to me or my husband almost 24 hours a day whilst whimpering pitifully. ¬†NOT fun. ¬†In addition, this meant that for 2 weeks my husband and I were subjected to watching a lot of children’s television programming… a LOT of it. ¬†In fact, it got so bad, I had to start shoving tampons into my ears they were bleeding so badly.

Prior to this, I knew my son loved Thomas the Train, but just thought it was a little show with some trains on it.  Little did I know.

Have any of you watched this s”:t?!

For those of you unfamiliar with Thomas or if you are worried you might have missed an episode, (be glad your brain cells were spared the opportunity to commit suicide) here is my handy guide.

Episode starts:

Meet Thomas, the f^%kup train. ¬†Sir Topham Hatt, the “Fat Controller” (what the f”:^k is a fat controller by the way), asks Thomas to complete some task. ¬†Thomas then promptly goes and f*$ks it up, usually due to a combination of not listening and thinking he knows better. ¬†

Go pick up hay for some baby pigs? Sure, I’ll go pick up some milk and strawberries instead, because baby pigs want milk and strawberries instead of hay to sleep on. ¬†Dumba$$. Then, Sir Topham Hatt gets “cross”, i.e. the literally chubby controller gets pissed. ¬†Then he yells at Thomas, then Thomas realizes he’s a complete pile of stupid junk, then he asks his friends to help fix his f’ups… again Unfortunately, Thomas’ friends are as stupid as he is, and instead of kicking his sorry a$$ to the curb, they continue to fix his problems for him.

Good job, children program writers, a great lesson to teach children. ¬†Don’t listen, do what you want, mess everything up, then have everyone else bail you out. ¬†Smdh.

And really, unfortunately, Thomas is just the tip of the iceberg. ¬†Here’s a quick guide to some other popular programs.

Caillou: The whiniest most nasal voiced 4 year old child in the world who routinely cries about, well, everything. ¬†All I want to do is tell this kid to grow a pair… and get his hormone levels checked. For real, every time I am forced to watch this, I feel like I should make a donation to an alopecia foundation. Kid, if you can’t grow any hair by the time you are 4, you need some expert help… here’s a dollar.

Zou: A family of zebras who live in a 4 story house. Where do they put the great-grandmother who lives with them? Yep, you guessed it folks… in the bedroom on the 4th floor while giving the preschool aged child the 1st floor bedroom. ¬†So, then, the brilliant illustrators build great-granny a f’ing motorized chair lift up 3 flights of stairs. ¬†Awesome. ¬†The trauma surgeon in me just knows this old zebra broad is probably on some damn Coumadin, too.

Sponge Bob Square Pants: ¬†A sponge that lives in “Bikini Bottom”?! WTF, they might as well air condom commercials during breaks.

Tree Fu Tom: A show which encourages your child to makes moves like the title character on screen to “make magic.” ¬†First of all, these moves resemble a very drunk Peyton Manning trying to do the Macarena. ¬†If you have no clue how this might look, click here.¬† Secondly, this is a poorly veiled attempt to assuage parent guilt that instead of your child running around outside, he/she is sitting his/her a$$ in front of the TV. ¬†Let me break it down for you, the 2.5 calories that your child will burn actually attempting these moves will not actually improve his or her health.

And, TV producers clearly don’t understand that the SOLE reason we let our children watch this kiddie crack is because we want their Energizer bunny butts to SIT THE F*&K DOWN and SHUT THE HELL UP!

Don’t even get me started on Curious George. That monkey needs a tranquilizer shot in his a$$…

Thoughts from a Disney Vacation

So we went on a Disney vacation during a peak time and here are some ruminations from the long waits in line.

1) Able bodied people who rent scooters to ride around this place exemplify all that is wrong with America.

2) If my kid sticks with hip hop and gymnastics he may have a future here.

3) Look around the pool area, you too should have the confidence to wear a two-piece.

4) I am not the only person who occasionally hates my kids.

5) If the ice cream you just ordered costs $28 and has the words “kitchen sink” involved, you should be sharing that.

6) So glad we didn’t go for kid #3. It would have totally thrown off the ride seating (and hotel room sleeping assignments as well).

7) Sometimes sleeping in is so much more magical than hauling your butt out of bed super early on vacation for “Extra Magic.” (My pre-teen understands this; my 7yo does not. Thankfully daddy is a morning person.)

8) Most railings in the queues lend themselves to Pure Barre moves. (But people will look at you funny.)

9) You might think it is crazy to bring a jacket but ever interior is over-air conditioned.

10) Even inferior treats taste better when they come in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Avoiding a Vacation Set Back: Day #6

Today was just painful.

It started out well enough with my third of three Pure Barre classes. I once again over-indulged at a cute little breakfast place called the spectacular egg. If you have never had peanut butter French toast your life is incomplete.

Of course I would have loved to so more in the day later to keep moving but the flight home awaited and after a long delay stuck on the plane I am still not home yet. If I had been delayed in the terminal I would have walked and walked. Instead I am finishing the day with just 7,300 steps. So disappointing.

But my goal was a daily post so I am sharing this disappointment.

Avoiding a Vacation Set Back: Day #2

 During my 2 week vacation, I hope not to gain my typical 5-7lbs. My goal is a daily post about what I did to avoid a vacation set back.

So, yesterday was such a fun day that I didn’t get to write this post until today.

20140719-055047-21047776.jpgDespite a late arrival and hitting the sack at 1:30am, when my alarm went off at 4:4
5am so that I could find my way to Pure Barre Denver Highlands by 6am, I bounced out of bed. It’s hard to be away from my local pilates studio when I travel and I love, love barre so I try to make Pure Barre my tourism treat. It was a tough work out but I loved it and can’t wait to go back for two more sessions during this trip. What was especially awesome was being able to noodle around such a cute neighborhood afterwards where I had my choice of nearly half a dozen local conveyors of iced coffee. That’s me with a much deserved post-Pure Barre iced coffee in granite grey Be Free Knickers and a glass blue Record Breaker Tank from Athleta. And, no I am not barefoot but it’s hard to tell because I recent scored the perfect nude (for me) thong-style sandal¬†from Tory Burch (the Miller sandal, they call it sand, I call it nude for me).¬†¬†(I wish the nice lady who took my picture had not caught me mid-speech but since I also promised to share some fitness looks I will post my post-Pure Barre iced coffee pic. Ugh.)

20140719-055046-21046101.jpgI was then lucky enough to spend the day noodling around Denver by bike along the Cherry Creek and Platte River Trails and through the Washington Park neighborhood. We rode at a leisurely pace about 2 hours. And let me tell you, riding to lunch sure makes it easier to enjoy a giant sandwich on french bread. We found Vert Kitchen tucked away in a cute little neighborhood. Such a gem. My fig, goat cheese, turkey sandwich on a crusty roll with champagne vineger was so delicious. I paired with a melon soup that was very good but surprised me with it’s savoriness when I was expecting sweet. That’s me somewhere along the trail in casual chino shorts in cactus pink from Caslon (a Nordstrom house brand) and a super light weight black and white striped tee I picked up at Marshall’s. It was a great choice for¬†a casual, active day.

littemanicecreamdenverThe friend I am traveling with and I also did a lot of walking. This included walking with hand made waffle cone in hand (containing a simply indescribable form of deliciousness called salted oreo) from Little Man Ice Cream and walking to a very indulgent dinner at Lower 48 with a few friends from our past who happen to live in town. Having such an active day meant I could simply enjoy multiple tapas style apps and family style plates along with a great almond butter bread pudding soaked in maple butter for dessert. Foodie heaven.

The FitBit captured 20,576 steps yesterday.







The Inspiring Blogger Award







Thank you April¬†for nominating me and my blogger in crime @surgeoninkicks¬†for the Inspiring blogger award! For those of you who haven‚Äôt read her¬†work, check her¬†out over at¬†!¬†Her¬†efforts to bridge the seemingly deep divide between work and motherhood and play (because let’s face it motherhood is some work and some play so I put it in between) really speaks to us.

Here are the rules;

  1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Now, for seven facts about us…

1. There are, in fact, two of us. With our busy schedules (which I know we blog about often) there is no way one of us could keep up with the volume of writing that keeps a blog vibrant and interesting. Even with two of us, we often go weeks at a time without a post but we are doing our best. I tend to be the more sentimental, sappy of the two of us and she tends to be the smart and sassy one. In that regard we balance each other out but I swear in real life we are like two halves of the same person….

2. Except one of us is a true soft-edged southern gal and the other is a sharp-cornered easterner….I will let you guess who is who.

3.¬†We are both short. She is 5’2” and I was 5’2” until I found pilates and grew and inch.

4. We met in Chicago and, though neither one of us lives there anymore, we harbor a deep, deep love and affection for the place and not just because that’s where we met.

5. And, though we both ended up growing up to be traumamamas, we trained in different programs.

6. We both fell in love young and married men of different racial/ethnic origins.

7. And, oh yeah, she’s the B!%#?¬†who introduced me to Pure Barre and I am so grateful.

–so now that you know more about us, check out some of our nominees, @surgeoninheels

And our nominees are…..(and we will confess, these are blogs we like and relate to, and read a lot but we did not have to time to see if they were already nominated; we don’t know if they are already popular and don’t need novices like us spreading the word; we just like them and think you might too)


Pop Culture Reference Fails

So my 40th birthday is around the corner.

Expect a flood of blog posts related to aging.

In general I just don’t feel my age. I feel a lot younger and have convinced myself that I am totally hip and trendy, not aging at all. But, it is increasingly likely for me to make a pop culture reference that is utterly uncool and I am¬†reminded that my frame of mind is about 20-30 years out of date. When this happens¬†between me and my inner voice not so bad. Often though, I am greeted by the¬†dumbfounded looks of medical students and residents who undoubtedly thinking “What on earth is this crazy old surgeon¬†referring to?” So I thought I would share some of my pop culture reference fails that remind me that I am more crazy old and hip trendy….

1) I justify my laminated list by referencing Ross’s list on Friends. They don’t know who Ross is. They have never seen Friends. They have never seen Blue Velvet or any other Isabella Rosselini film. And so, I don’t even bother listing my top 5. (If you must know: Daniel Craig, Kyle Chandler, Jon Hamm, Seth Meyers, David Beckham)

2) Speaking of crushes, I am psyched while reading Mindy Kaling’s ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without¬†Me?’ (I am obsessed with Mindy Kaling and could write a million blog posts on the wonderful tidbits that she shares in this book–if you haven’t already you must read it) to learn that she too references Pierce Brosnan as a quintessential handsome man, only to be deflated when she cites ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ as the original source of this belief while I still think of him as ‘Remington Steele.’ (Oddly, it turns out there is a whole Youtube music video thing on Remington Steele–there were so many cheesy takes I could hardly choose which link to include).

3) Someone comments¬†that Madonna’s daughter just graduated high school and all I can say¬†is “Wasn’t she ‘Like a Virgin‘ just yesterday?” impressing myself with my wit and easy banter only to hear “Yeah, I heard that song on my oldies Pandora play list.” Yikes, I had it on tape. These guys have never even laid eyes on a cassette tape.

4) I say to an ER resident, “It’s just like that episode on ER where….” Yeah, it goes no where. Clooney to them is a dignified gentleman with salt and pepper hair, not a hot, young pedi ER attending. (I don’t even bother mentioning¬†handyman George from Facts of Life…)

5) In discussing a patient injured while playing a lawn game, I mention the movie ‘Heathers’¬†as the mention¬†of a lawn game immediately reminded me of the croquet scene¬†in that classic tale of mean girls. “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?” I said expecting everyone to laugh along with me. Total, complete, impenetrable silence. So then I assigned all of watching that movie for their post-call homework.

Sadly, these and so many other pop culture reference fails reinforce that I am, in fact, no longer in my twenties. Sigh.