Top 10 Hits to Tackle 10 Miles

I ran 10 miles yesterday and it felt great. I could not have done it without musical accompaniment and I wanted to take a minute to thank my lyrical running coaches.

Mile #1) I would like to thank the Beastie Boys for encouraging me to get my Body Movin’ and teaching me it’s “not about perfection.”

Mile #2) I would like to thank Carly Rae Jepson who made me run faster as I contemplated “Would he [the elusive college hottie] have been more likely to Call Me Maybe if I had just taken on running 20 years ago?”

Mile #3) I would like to thank Justin Timberlake for telling me to get over the past because with this run, I would be “burning up” and Bringing Sexyback.

Mile #4) I would like to thank Jason Derulo who powered me over the hills so that someday my booty also “won’t need no splaining.”

Mile #5) I would like to thank Will.I.Am (sorry can’t bring myself to thank Beebs) for helping me find #thatPOWER to get to the other half of this run because “whatever doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger.”

Mile #6) I would like to thank Pitbull because, once I made it to the second half of the run, he made sure I kept “running through the world” and make sure Don’t Stop the Party.

Mile #7) I would like to thank Austin Mahone since, well…you know… who doesn’t want to just think Mmm Yeah as they hit the otherwise nondescript Mile 7. That’s really “all that I can say” about this.

Mile #8) I would like to thank Britney Spears who said it was okay Scream and Shout as the fatigue really set in through the center of town even though “all eyes [were] on us” where Main St. meets Center St.

Mile #9) I would like to thank Demi Lovato for shining upon me the Neon Lights to get me through the last stretch of the run by “pretend[ing] we’re running out of time.”

Mile #10) I would like to thank Prince for helping me revel in how Sexy…..(yeah, this is a family blog so I can’t go there–also reason why no title listed for mile #4–but trust me it helped me crank that last mile)

And, of course, before you ask these lyrical coaches were speaking to me through my yurbuds–there’s nothing better to run in if you want to be motivated by music to crush those 10 miles.

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