Refresh for May Day #28: My Favorite Dry Shampoo

This post of all the others on the blog should clarify that there are two of us. I read another blog post once on dry shampoos that was about “best drug store” dry shampoos. The implication obviously was that drug store brands are in a different, that is inferior, league than department store or salon brands. Now, you can’t follow this blog and not know that I am totally fine with fancy schmancy. But, even though my blogging alter ego already posted about her favorite dry shampoo from an elite salon brand I feel compelled to share my favorite in the same product line which does, in fact, make it to the top of the “drug store” brand, “Under $10,” “Inexpensive” dry shampoo in a number of other forums (just google dry shampoo).

My requirements are:

1) A scent that won’t give me a migraine and make me vomit

2) No white residue after brushing (which is pretty obvious in my black hair)

3) Actually makes my blowouts last longer

The Batiste Dry Shampoo–which I have mentioned before–is really perfect in my book. I like the Cherry and I like that there is a travel size so I don’t have to change up my brand when I travel. This does leave a white residue when applied but easily brushes out. I might have to try the one for dark hair at some point if the scent is tolerable.

Refresh for May Day #4: My Favorite Dry Shampoo

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Have you ever started using a product that has become so integral to your routine, you wonder how you survived so long without it?  Well, for me, this is dry shampoo.  As someone who frequently works for stretches longer than 24 hours, tries to squeeze exercise into a hectic schedule, and often attempting to work out in the gym at the hospital, this product is vital.  My favorite is Fresh.Hair by Kevin Murphy.  This dry shampoo comes in a spray powder formulation literally saves my hair by keeping it hair fresh and clean, but without having to shampoo it multiple times a day.  I have tried several, and this brand so far has been the best – a light, citrusy scent that doesn’t overpower, a fine enough mist that I am not left with any white residue, and it really works to absorb any work out or post-call-I’ve-been-up-for-30-hours grime.


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