Bag to School #1: The crossbody day bag

It has been a long summer for me and @surgeoninkicks. Our blog content has been lacking. The weather is cooling and the leaves are turning the characteristic yellows and oranges of fall. While most of us have been in “back to school” for a few weeks already, we would like to bring you a few of our favorite bags (not necessarily purposed for scholarly pursuits) in an occasional series we are calling Bag to School.


I have spent quite a while searching for the ideal go to crossbody day bag. A bag that let’s you be comfortable and hands free while say exploring an unknown city or on a daylong shopping excursion.  I wanted a bag large enough to hold a thin hoodie in case it gets cold as the sun sets, a camera to commemorate the day, sunglasses (and the big cases aviators demand!), etc. all with easy access to your cell phone and wallet without rummaging.

I rejected a few crossbodies for size and still others lacking organizational capacity. At the end of the day, the resason why I rejected my last two crossbodies was that they would be very painful on my clavicle by the end of the day. The soreness of the clavicle bruise would last for days.

Recently, after months of holding out for the ideal crossbody day bag I came across this Marc by Marc Jacobs Luna Messenger Bag.

First of all, the wide leather straps attached by rotating hooks and grommet is super comfortable. It is adjustable and removable though I am not sure what the point of it is without the strap as it is way to big to function as a clutch. Importantly, the strap never digs into my clavicle.  I can wear it for hours without any battle scars! It has two large interior pockets along with two slip pockets to store small items and an interior zip pocket. The interior is a nice deep burgundy canvas.


The exterior is a buttery black leather as soft as a baby’s bum. There is an exterior slip pocket and two zipper pockets on the flap. 




The gold hardware is it strong and the zippers work smoothly. I personally prefer gold hardware on all of my accessories. And the gold on this bag has a nice, not too shiny, matte finish and the logo is not obnoxiously large.



I can fit a day’s worth of gear comfortably in this bag. It’s good for sporty days like the one with me above and for something slightly more chic like the model below.  This is a well made bag that I am certain will give me years of use. Alas it appears to no longer be available at Nordstrom (where it was also offered in a teal color–less versatile in my opinion) so keep an eye out for it at the Rack.   But it is evidently still available at Barney’s in a more versatile khaki color.  Though honesty why is that woman (and the chic one pictured above!) not wearing it crossbody style?! For me that’s the whole point of this bag. I would not own it has it not been for its crossbody feature. 


A Week in Boots

Yes, boot season is over but (see prior blog post from earlier today) I never got around to blogging about my week in black boots this past March. It was quite an achievement given how long and hard I had looked for even a single pair of black boots that wouldn’t cause leg ischemia and rip at the seems around my calf. So I figured I would share as it might be useful for next boot season at the very least.

Monday: My favorite dress paired with my Louboutins


Tuesday: My new Eliza J sweater dress (first time ever a sweater dress did not make me look ever so slighter pregnant) and my Aquitalia square heeled boots. I have found that almost all boots from this brand fit my calves and the waterproof leather gives me a ton of leeway to wear them that I do not have with the Monday boots (which I carried to and from work in their red bag to protect them from the ravages of winter on my local streets and parking lots).

tuesday boots

Wednesday: A skirt, blouse, and blazer combination curated from Nordstrom Rack with an Adea top and my Aquitalia riding boots acquired from Hautelook. I liked them so much I bought the brown ones as well. The calves are fine but the feet are narrow and so, for the first time ever, I own a pair of shoe trees to try to rectify the problem.

wednesday boots

Thursday: It was St. Patrick’s Day and I wore my favorite green dress (also from Eliza J) with my Anyi Lu dress boots. The dancer footbed is indeed a dream and the 2.5in heel totally manageable on a busy work day.

thursday boots

Friday: We had a work retreat and I felt the need to go totally casual. I am obsessed with this Max Studio (also from Nordstrom Rack) dress that is easily the most comfortable thing I own. I could live in it. I paired it with my Stuart Weitzman riding boots which after a few years of wear sag a bit too much at the ankles but worked with casual.

friday boots

Finally, the week ended for me (well not really since I was on call the following Saturday starting at 6am) with a casual work function so I broke out of both the black and the tall boot and instead went for these Vince Camuto aubergine suede booties paired with William Rast jeans and a woven gold top (a Nordstrom brand that escapes me at the moment) that I acquired for my 20th high school reunion a while back and still love to wear 3 year later since for me investing in a gold article of clothing is like basic black for everyone else.


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