Refresh for May Day #7: My Favorite Retinol Product

Any and every dermatologist will tell you that a retinol product is a “must-have” for a good anti-aging skincare regimen.  However, my skin is dry at baseline, can be pretty sensitive, and I already combat some at-baseline redness.  Therefore, I pretty much had ruled out including any type of retinol into my skincare for fear of worsening any or all of my above concerns.

Nope, I do not sell Rodan and Fields.  But, one of my friends from high school, who is a pharmacist by the way, does sell it and sent me one of these capsules as a sample and I have been hooked since!  This product has not only been completely tolerable for my stressed out skin but also remains very effective.  I highly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t already incorporate a retinol product into their skincare, and especially for anyone with sensitive skin.

Link to product provided below.  Images from Rodan and Fields website.

Rodan and Fields Night Renewing Serum.



Disclosure:  Nope, I very sadly don’t receive absolutely anything in return for this review.