Refresh for May Day #6: My Favorite Lipstick


I have to say, that unlike probably a lot of people, Oprah Winfrey, although admittedly fabulous, has not really affected my life much.  In other words, I never followed her Book Club, watched any of her “Favorites” shows, or read a single issue of her magazine.  However, I randomly caught a few minutes of some show sometime where she was giving out gifts to teachers, and one of the gifts was a set of Tom Ford Lip Colors, which Oprah was raving about.

So, she is right.  They are amazing.  Yep, expensive, but amazing.  Incredible pigment that stays put.  Seriously, even for the richest and darkest colors, you do not need a liner – this stuff doesn’t bleed, doesn’t budge, doesn’t creep.  And it isn’t drying!  Now, if only I could win a set from Oprah…. 😉

Disclaimer:  Unfortunately we receive nothing in return for these fantastic reviews 🙂

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