Thoughts from a Disney Vacation

So we went on a Disney vacation during a peak time and here are some ruminations from the long waits in line.

1) Able bodied people who rent scooters to ride around this place exemplify all that is wrong with America.

2) If my kid sticks with hip hop and gymnastics he may have a future here.

3) Look around the pool area, you too should have the confidence to wear a two-piece.

4) I am not the only person who occasionally hates my kids.

5) If the ice cream you just ordered costs $28 and has the words “kitchen sink” involved, you should be sharing that.

6) So glad we didn’t go for kid #3. It would have totally thrown off the ride seating (and hotel room sleeping assignments as well).

7) Sometimes sleeping in is so much more magical than hauling your butt out of bed super early on vacation for “Extra Magic.” (My pre-teen understands this; my 7yo does not. Thankfully daddy is a morning person.)

8) Most railings in the queues lend themselves to Pure Barre moves. (But people will look at you funny.)

9) You might think it is crazy to bring a jacket but ever interior is over-air conditioned.

10) Even inferior treats taste better when they come in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

1 thought on “Thoughts from a Disney Vacation

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