Trauma Mama Selfies

So what do you get when two super crazy busy trauma mama’s decide they are going to blog?  Well, you get fits and spurts of writing and lots of blog ideas that somehow went astray.  I finally got around to downloading photos from the past 5 months and remembered that @surgeoninkicks and I had planned on writing a post on our culinary journey through the Disney parks one evening after a trauma conference. Alas, this was in January and we never got around to it. I don’t have the time to curate the actually food porn but I wanted to share how joyful we were just to spend time together in these three selfies. Thanks for sticking with Hot Heels, Cool Kicks, and a Scalpel even when we fall behind.

disney1 disney3 disney2

2 thoughts on “Trauma Mama Selfies

  1. I love the selfies though 🙂
    I must ask: were you friends before or after you started working together? And is it hard to remain friends – don’t pressures at work cause a lot of tension?

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