Summer Fun Calls for Summer Flavors

Today ended up being an unexpectedly unscheduled day with welcoming dewey morning sunshine bubbling into a sweltering midday heat. I started with a run alongside my husband to a barre class (he ran back and then picked me up later still being a bit too shy to try barre!) 


Later we kayaked, did laps in the pool (and poolside planks), and rode bikes together.


But luckily this isn’t just a fitness blog (otherwise I would have to end here with this picture for which I specifically instructed my 8 year old to include the bike!) 

Given how busy we kept ourselves all day, it seemed totally justifiable to have ice cream today. 

A summer treat. Artisanal ice cream. Small batch locally sourced ice cream. Creamy flavor somersaults in my mouth to match the physicality of the day. 

Here I am enjoying a local shop’s goat cheese, honey, almond ice cream. 


And, here I am standing in front of the cows who sourced this family farm’s ginger ice cream. 


And, here I am ending my active and delicious day at a microcreamery where the sweet corn ice cream topped with blackberry balsamic topping was so simple, elegant, and flavorful that I almost cried from the beauty of it all. 

Hope you all make some time for summer fun and summer flavors before the back to school blues kick in. 

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